eclec0038 | Salvatore Muscat | Sequenchill | 21|12|16 |

Hhhhaaa Lush #Headphonica courtesy of one of the finest


Salvatore Muscat aka Sequenchill’s interest in music started with the disco beats of Patrick Cowley and Sylvester before moving on to the rave scene in the late 80s. Salvatore was amazed by the music being played in the chillout rooms in the UK and from then onward Sequenchill’s collection of ambient records started growing. He cites his main influencers as being Pete Namlook, Mixmaster Morris, Dr Atmo, KLF, Move D, The Orb, Biosphere and Scanner. Salvatore’s chillout sessions got the ball rolling where he enjoyed playing his favourite music to a younger crowd which really appreciated what they were hearing.

This brought him recognition by being invited to play in numerous events like Statix, Sliema Arts Festival, Earthgarden, Unfocused, Cubik, Avant Garde , Malta Arts Festival ,his very own gathering Sequenchill & Friends and also a few Psyevents where Sequenchill takes over the psychill area as well as the chillout…

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