eclec0061 | Simon Peter | Optimistic Mix |10|05|17

Lovely Stuff courtesy of Eclectics, once more 🙂

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Simon Peter (real name Simon Smith) is a British musician/producer based in London.
Simon has released music on Claremont 56 and Aficionado and has received DJ support from the likes of Felix Dickinson, Manu Archeo, Adventures in Paradise, Psychemagik and Kenneth Bager.
Arc of Lark on Claremont 56

Simon’s career really took off with his first vinyl release – the Arc of Lark 12” on the wonderful and inimitable Claremont 56 label, featuring 2 remixes by San Francisco groovers 40 Thieves:
The original version of Arc of Lark also features on the ‘Balearic 2’ compilation on
Chris Coco and Jim Breese’s Balearic record label: Balearic 2 on bandcamp
Good Measure EP Part 2 on Aficionado Recordings

Simon’s next production, Ottimismo (Italian for ‘optimism’) is a particularly laidback affair and Simon didn’t hesitate to send it to Aficionado Recordings feeling it might be a perfect match for their ultra-balearic stylings…

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