Phil Cooper|NuNorthern Soul|Dusk & Dawn|Mix & Influences.

Nice mix & most influences -apart from those shysters The Smiths -first up against the wall come my revolution, that Morrisey Twunt

eclectics music

Dusk & Dawn By Private Agenda Promotional Mix from NuNorthern Soul’s Main Man Phil Cooper

Those of you of a chilled persuasion will know the name Phil Cooper and his wonderfully relaxed label NuNorthern Soul. Despite the name, this is not a Soul Music label but a label for Music with Soul as those that follow will know.

Over the last few years Phil has worked tirelessly with some of the most laid back names in music, putting out the most soporific of grooves to soundtrack anything from a Saturday on the beach to a Sunday roast to a heady night in a club environment.

In the run up to the new Dusk & Dawn release by Private Agenda on NuNorthern Soul, we asked Phil what inspired him to start the label and what keeps him searching for music to release on his always impressive imprint. Phil came back with…

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