Q&A’s with Earthboogie | Silken Moon EP | Leng Records | Release 16|03|18


Having spent the last ten months recording their adventures, Izaak Gray and Nicola Robinson return with “Silken Moon”, the first single from their forthcoming debut album, Human Call.
In typical fashion, “Silken Moon” cannily combines musical elements from a myriad of styles – most notably Afro-disco, samba and mid-tempo Chicago house – to create a humid hybrid that defies easy categorization.
There are bouncy organ riffs, undulating acid lines, clipped Afro-funk guitars, tons of tropical percussion and the chanted, carnival-friendly vocalizations of guest singer Nina Miranda.
Click play and have a listen to the ep  as you read read through the Q&A’s you can pre order the Silken Moon Ep here which is to be released on Leng Records on the 16th of March…
Q1, Welcome to a Q&As with eclectics. Who is Earthboogie and how did you form?
Earthboogie is a joint collaboration between Izaak Gray & Nicola Robinson. We…

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