In The Beginning was not the word. We made Sound.. with our bodies, brains, hearts, feet & tools; we made Sound..

 Before there was the word, the naming, Sound spoke. The joyful noise unto and from the creator..

 That is why it resonates so deeply. Deep within, between & beyond us. Before we made words, like ‘god(s)’, like ‘them’, ‘us’, ‘me’, ‘mine’, sound resonated. Sound expressed, was empathy, understanding; shared & individual experience. Deeply personal, but universal.

This, and our sight & visions, also our sites, were our expression. Expression of Us, the Universe and every which, where, between and beyond..

Music speaks louder, more eloquently and more emotively than the word, the postpartum name, allows. a priori communication, within & without, to and from the known & unknown..




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