eclec0094 | Joe Morris ‘Pleasure Unit’ Mix |31|01|18.


Joe Morris | Jacaranda Skies | Pleasure Unit… Release 2nd Feb.



“The Jacaranda Skies EP is the sort of record that is not for every moment. But when the crowds right …and I think fuck it I wanna go a different way, this is what I’d put on. Hopefully I’d take the crowd with me…”

Following solid EP’s on Is it Balearic, Secret Life and Balearic Social Joe Morris offers up four gorgeous cuts for Pleasure Unit. Continuing the producers passion for new age, paradisiacal ambience and dreamy deep house lead title “Jacaranda Skies” could easily be the result of a Telephones and Larry Heard jam session had they met in Rimini circa 1991. A dusky atmosphere provides the backdrop to ecstasy inducing chords; an elevated brass sequence and afro percussion drive forth a tight groove.

‘The Lost Garden’ opens to a reverb soaked slide guitar and soaring pad section before a Jaguar snarl introduces a subtle kick pattern…

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eclec0092 | A mix from Fernando Pulichino & about the ‘Search of Indigo’ ep out on Leng Records-26|01|18.

Looking forward to the EP this mix celebrates; lotta time for Leng, me 🙂


We have an exclusive mix from Fernando in the run up to his next release ‘Search of Indigo’ on Leng Records. Fernando has provided a Soulful Funky Disco Balearic set which just flows man. I’ll let you click play and let you have a read through a review of the EP. Links to listen and where to buy included… enjoy. Gx
Fernando Pulichino is no stranger to Leng Records. The bass guitar-wielding Argentine made his first appearance on the label five years ago via the cosmic disco/psychedelic rock fusion of Blue Impala, returning two years later with the similarly inclined brilliance of Giant Desert. Pulichino then resurfaced on Leng late last year with a superb, digital-only three-tracker called Natural 77.Now he’s back on wax, buoyed by the success of the acclaimed Shining EP on Is It Balearic? Recordings. This time round he’s in Search of Indigo, shaping hazy, sun-baked soundscapes…

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eclec0091 | Jac The Disco Mix & about Highest Heights | Wonder Stories- 22|1|18.

Likin the sound(s) of this 🙂


Below are the links to Jac’s mix he did for us at eclectics in the run up to his release on Wonder Stories. Also included is the link to Premiere of the B-side ‘Good Times’ on Dream Chimney. The Highest Heights EP is due for release on the 22nd of JAN…

WS026: Jac The Disco – Highest Heights EP
Jay Rossi, aka East London DJ stalwart Jac The Disco, returns to with the Highest Heights EP, which will be released digitally on US label Wonder Stories. 10 years of DJing all over London at venues like fabric, XOYO, 93 Feet East and the Queen of Hoxton has left Rossi with an instinctive grasp of what works on the dancefloor.

The Highest Heights EP consists of two brand new tracks plus two remixes. First off we have the title track, ‘Highest Heights’, a throbbing disco / house paean to Rossi’s…

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Maricopa | Sun Scope | Is It Balearic……?

#BalaericInDub Deep, Sunset Dubnodica 🙂


Sun Scope by Maricopa, wow what a beautiful piece of music, I’m getting goose bumps listening right now. Deep Melodica man, it flows and grows without getting all complex. This being released right at the tail of 2017 is a game changer in my favorite track of the year. What comes out of Timm Sure’s and Richard Hampson’s Camp only can only be described as remarkable. These guys completely work for the love of music. “And to possibly pay for a trip to the White Isle once a year” as Timm put it to me once. Is It Balearic….? ain’t just Balearic they’re almost punk in their attitude, in the sense there’s no big promotional campaign beforehand. The records they put out sell themselves.  Well now, here’s the link to listen to the 5th track on the A side of Sun Scope the Album, Sun Scope. This Track will sail…

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Q&A’s and Mix W/ The Vendetta Suite & ‘Solar Lodge 23’ EP – Hell Yeah Recordings

Lovely stuff from a lovely man


So in the run up to the release of  ‘Solar Lodge 23’ by The Vendetta Suite which is  out on the 15th of December on Marco Gallerani’s Hell Yeah Recordings. We spoke with Gary Irwin the man that is Vendetta Suite. Gary took the time to answer a few questions and to supply us with a mix that shares the influences that went into the making of ‘Solar Lodge.’

So here’s the  selected tunes, samples, sounds that inspired and influenced Solar Lodge 23 and it’s truly beautiful.. This is the Demystify Me Mix by The Vendetta Suite… Click play to the mix and a have read through our chat with him.

Q1, Welcome to a Q&As with eclectics. Who is The Vendetta Suite and how did you form?
A1. The Vendetta Suite is just me, Gary Irwin. I was formed in my mother’s womb…… I’ve been recording music…

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eclec0086 | Kyle Andries | yougoodthing|20|11|17

Wicked selection; quintessence of eclectic


what is the definition of eclecticism?
kyle from yougoodthing (lo key collective)

about me – I like the simple things in life… grilled chicken, spiced rum, old Volkswagens, pretty girls and repetitive music!

about the mix – this is my interpretation of the word “eclectic”

enjoy x


Tracklist (in order of appearance)

Jack Wilkins – Red Clay
Moodymann – Radio
Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Pt. 2
Djinji Brown – Mojuba
Zev Feldman & Andy Statman – Kaleh Bazetsen
Four Tet – And They All Look Broke
Cut Chemist – The Garden
Tafi All Stars – Agbe Me Nya Wo
Four Tet – Chia
Tafi All Stars – Cantata (Sordid Sound System Dub)
Unknown Artist – Untitled Bonus Track
Dennis Mpale – Do You Like Miles
Brasil Ritmo – Cho Chua
Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Homeless
Auntie Flo – The Soniferous Garden
Chaos In The CBD – Background…

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Phil Cooper|NuNorthern Soul|Dusk & Dawn|Mix & Influences.

Nice mix & most influences -apart from those shysters The Smiths -first up against the wall come my revolution, that Morrisey Twunt


Dusk & Dawn By Private Agenda Promotional Mix from NuNorthern Soul’s Main Man Phil Cooper

Those of you of a chilled persuasion will know the name Phil Cooper and his wonderfully relaxed label NuNorthern Soul. Despite the name, this is not a Soul Music label but a label for Music with Soul as those that follow will know.

Over the last few years Phil has worked tirelessly with some of the most laid back names in music, putting out the most soporific of grooves to soundtrack anything from a Saturday on the beach to a Sunday roast to a heady night in a club environment.

In the run up to the new Dusk & Dawn release by Private Agenda on NuNorthern Soul, we asked Phil what inspired him to start the label and what keeps him searching for music to release on his always impressive imprint. Phil came back with…

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